How to finally reach your resolution this year

Are you ready to kick that stubborn, won’t go away weight for good?  Becoming the healthiest version of ourselves is always high on our New Year’s Resolution list, however we fall victim to the same health and fitness faux pas each year. 

Avoid the number one mistake of setting unrealistic goals.  Just as you did not gain those extra pounds overnight, do not expect to lose them that quickly either. 

Remember to be kind to yourself through the process.  Allow yourself the occasional scale stalemate or Sunday night self-indulgence slip-up in order to organically achieve your goals and not completely railroad the lifestyle you are accustomed to. 

Finally, wipe your body and slate clean by following these three simple rules to help reach your resolution:

Resolution: Lose 5 Pounds.
Dangerous fasting diets will not only squash your attempts of losing weight, but it will also prevent you from keeping it off.  Not to mention, morph you into a starved, shaky, savage who is shunned from social circles because you have not digested a proper meal in weeks.  Without proper nutrition, your metabolism will malfunction, concentration levels will plummet and your goal of a healthier, happier you will die along with your motivation. 

Set small goals that are attainable such as losing one pound per week through healthy habits such as eating well and exercising.  A healthy weight-loss goal does not exceed 1-2 lbs. per week.  Eating meals that are portioned out properly and hit all of the health requirements for a balanced dish will help you avoid binge eating and keep the weight off.   

Resolution:  Exercise More Frequently.
Stretch your body and your comfort zone by recruiting new adherence techniques.  Sticking with a solid fitness routine is purely a mental game, therefore it is important to find a way in which to trick your brain to get the results you desire. 

One of the biggest factors to program adherence is extrinsic motivation.  People tend to dread canceling plans or coming off as unreliable.  It is for this reason that group fitness classes or working out with a buddy can be a successful strategy for a fortified fitness future.  Consider enrolling the help of a personal trainer who will hold you accountable for working out and working hard.

Resolution:  Eat Healthier.  
Food, glorious food - a time of seasons greeting and eatings.  If your pants have been replaced by elastic waistlines as you munch on lard-filled leftovers, it is time to turn the tables on your current eating habits.  You cannot outwork a poor diet.  Therefore it is necessary to fuel your body with whole ingredients that are fitness-goal friendly. 

Clean out your pantry and refrigerator of the remaining rubbish, and replace those leftover potpies with healthier options.  Keeping a food diary will help pinpoint where you are cheating or eating excessively.  If you feel overwhelmed with what foods to eat or eliminate in order to lose weight, seek help from a fitness professional or registered dietician.  You are not alone in this process. 

Anything worth having, is worth working for.

Earn it.

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