Revising your fitness goals

Are you falling out of love with your fitness routine? Unfortunately for most people, the excitement associated with a fresh start tends to dwindle, along with the amount of time dedicated to living well, eating right and exercising regularly. 

Good news, now is the perfect time to troubleshoot your training techniques and make some edits to goals gone wrong.  Lets get ready to be February fit by following this feel-good formula, that will help you get healthy and stay on track.


What moves you to make a change?  Stop setting goals that are solely based on the superficial.  Think of fitness as preventative medicine, not puckered fish lips, a belly baring Nike tank or a million filters giving the illusion of perfection in some phony fitspo selfie. 

Here’s a healthier picture: living longer, having energy, being able to see your children grow up - these are goals worth setting and fulfilling.  Your first goal should start with scheduling an appointment with your doctor. 

Before getting physical, get a physical!  Your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers will be your starting point.  High LDL cholesterol (the goopy stuff the sticks to the walls of your arteries), elevated blood pressure and blood sugar can be remedied through eating well and exercising regularly. 

It is incredibly gratifying to witness progress on the inside, which inevitably will translate to looking great on the outside.  Make health your priority, and the rest will follow.  

Accept Your Realities.  

As someone who lacks the genetically gifted glutes of Beyonce, I can sympathize with those whose derriere dreams have been dashed.  It is important to love your body, work hard and accept what your body can do. 

I love to squat, lunge and sprint because it makes me feel strong and confident and I have come to grips with the fact that my tush may forever ebb on the side of toast rather than bodacious buns.  Once you accept your body and are grateful for the amazing work it can do, you will start to have a better relationship with yourself. 

Though this is not to say you shouldn’t push yourself.  Hold yourself to a higher standard but don’t berate yourself for not filling out a pair of jeans like a Kardashian.  As humans, we must accept our realities.  When losing weight, it is impossible to target specific body parts to reduce.

Your body loses weight where it wants, just as it gains weight where it wants - plain and simple. Therefore doing sit-ups will not whittle away your waist, just as running will not guarantee smaller thighs. It is for this reason, that it is important to incorporate a full-body training program in order to see overall results in your physique and fitness abilities. 

All or Nothing. 

Don’t scrap your workout session because you can’t make it to the gym.  If thirty minutes trucking it on the treadmill sounds impossible after a long day at work, then mold your workout to your lifestyle. 

If your Tuesday night is occupied with taking the kids to soccer practice, then adjust your day to accommodate fitness in your routine.  For example, try splitting up your exercises into ten-minute brackets throughout the workday. 

Most offices have stairwells.  Spend ten minutes at the start of your day walking or jogging up the staircase.  It will get your blood pumping, and naturally aid in increased blood circulation to the brain, which will promote more productivity in your day. 

Set aside ten minutes before lunch to go for a stroll outside and breathe in some fresh air.  Finally, as soon as you get home from the office crank out ten minutes of push-ups, planks and squats.  If you cannot find the time, it is your responsibility to make the time.  You will look and more importantly feel better because of it.

If you want it, work for it.  Keep moving.

Earn it.

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