3 Moves for a Chiseled Core

If you desire abs that look like the statue of David, you’re in luck!  These 3 moves will sculpt and chisel your waistline faster than you can say “Michelangelo.”  

Bridge Lifts

15 repetitions per side

15 repetitions per side

Hip bridges focus on strengthening the core, glutes and hamstrings.  Start in a supine position with the knees bent and the feet hip-width apart.  Activate your core muscles by drawing your belly button in toward the spine.  Push through your heels as you elevate the hips, forming a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.

Holding this position, slowly elevate the right leg followed by the left leg. Continue alternating the legs for 15 counts. 

Butterfly Sit-Up

12-15 repetitions

12-15 repetitions

If you want to blast your abdominal muscles and banish midsection chub, upgrade your basic sit-up with the butterfly position.  By lowering your legs into a butterfly or “V” pose, the hip flexors are removed from the equation, causing your core muscles to work overtime.

Start in a supine position with the arms overhead and the feet together with open knees.  Brace your core and sit up until the hands come above, or close to, the feet.  Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting stance.

Note:  If you suffer from lower back pain, avoid this exercise.  As a precaution, refrain from using your arms for momentum, or jerking the body up into the sit-up position, during this exercise. 

Plank Jacks

12-15 repetitions

12-15 repetitions

Begin in a plank position with the shoulders aligned above the wrists, and the body forming a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.  Shoot the feet out to the sides of the body, as if performing a jumping jack.  Keep the upper body steady as you continue this movement.

Note:  For beginners or those who suffer from back discomfort, try stepping the feet out to the sides rather than jumping. Once your form is perfected, graduate to plank jacks.

Repeat Circuit 3-5 times

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