By purchasing this digital program, you’ll have taken the first step to improving your health, longevity and independence. This time is for you!

This program is built on the 360° Fit system. Unlike many of today's popular workouts that overwork joints and stress sensitive spots like the lower-back, knees and hips, this program is low-impact and joint-friendly.

Finally, a strengthening routine that won't have you moaning and groaning in pain the next day!

So whether you’re an athlete feeling the aches from years of wear-and-tear, an empty nester with more time to dedicate to your well-being, or simply want a workout routine that keeps joints jolly, is simple to use and extremely effective - this program is for you!

WHAT’S INCLUDED - 5 days, 45 exercises

The goal of this Low-Impact Strength Training fitness plan is to be active at least 5 days each week with one rest day. You’ll get access to a set of 45 exercises, made up of 90 unique movements, organized for optimal strength training at your own pace.

You have complete control over which days you would like to workout and when you would prefer to rest. This program can be conveniently practiced from the comfort of your home, at the office, a hotel room or even at the beach!


Ashley Blake Fit Portrait

Ashley Blake Fitness believes in a wellness approach that is as unique as you are. The 360° Fit system is based on fitness and wellness expert Ashley Blake’s 15 years of experience, with speciality certifications in areas like Post-Orthopedic Surgery Rehab, Cancer and Post-Treatment Rehab, Older Adults, Pre- and Post- Natal, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Nutrition.

Unlike any other program you’ll find online, 360° Fit is built on the understanding that for exercise to be effective, the entire body must grow strong together, as one. Ashley Blake’s holistic approach is comprised of all the elements necessary to achieve optimal health. Body, mind and spirit work in unison.