Finally, fitness that’s focused on you.


Virtual Training Subscription

No time for the gym? No problem! Train one-on-one with Ashley Blake wherever your life takes you. Say goodbye to costly gym memberships + time wasted getting to the gym. Get the results you want with one of Philadelphia’s most in-demand fitness pros. No risk, cancel any time.


Low-Impact Strength Training Ebook

A fitness solution for those wanting to tone, tighten + torch calories without compromising joint health.

This time + joint saving system is ideal for the exercise enthusiast that wants their fitness on the fly. Workouts can be performed from the convenience of your home, hotel or office.


Build Better Balance in just 30 minutes Ebook

Balance is the key to independence, longevity + the foundation for any successful fitness program.

This system is designed to strengthen, stabilize + save you time + money from preventable fall-related injuries + medical bills. All you need is 30 minutes, this balance boosting ebook + a small space.